Cheri L. Sotelo

Global Impact Strategist - Consultant - Speaker - Trainer

Cheri Sotelo is a renowned licensed psychotherapist, professional consultant, and business development coach with a rich background in mental health, addictions, dual-diagnoses, and clinical supervision. Her expertise spans working with high-profile individuals, military veterans, and vulnerable populations. As a founder of The Psych Series, The Faces of Illness, and The IMPACT Training Method, Cheri’s approach is grounded in compassion, empowerment, and a commitment to global mental health advocacy. She’s been a pivotal family and mental health representative in various state-level committees in Nevada.


Cheri's approach in consulting and public speaking is substantiated by her certifications as a Human Rights Consultant, Trauma Professional, Holistic Health Coach, and 24 additional credentials. Her holistic view on wellness and development is a show of her dedication to empowering individuals and organizations alike.



Cheri Sotelo, an acclaimed licensed psychotherapist and professional consultant and Award Winning International Advocate, brings over 25 years of invaluable experience in mental health, nutrition, medical illness rights, and business development. As a combat trauma specialist and a revered voice in international mental health advocacy, Cheri offers transformative insights and guidance through her public speaking engagements.

Keynote Topics

1. "Redefining Resilience: Navigating Mental Health in Modern Times."
In this compelling talk, Cheri Sotelo explores the evolving concept of resilience against the backdrop of modern mental health challenges. Drawing on her extensive experience in trauma-informed care, Cheri provides a nuanced understanding of resilience, offering strategies to foster mental strength and adaptability in today’s rapidly changing world.

2. "Wellness Beyond the Clinic: A Holistic Approach"
Join Cheri as she delves into the eight dimensions of wellness, illuminating how a holistic approach transcends conventional clinical boundaries. This presentation is an exploration of how integrating physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, and financial wellness can lead to profound personal and professional development.

3. "The IMPACT Method: Revolutionizing Training and Development"
Cheri Sotelo introduces her groundbreaking IMPACT Training Method in this session, a paradigm shift in health and wellness training. Attendees will learn about the method’s innovative strategies and techniques, and how they are transforming the landscape of training in the private and corporate sector.

4. "Bridging Gaps: Mental Health Insights for Better Business"
In this insightful talk, Cheri discusses the critical role of mental health awareness in business. She offers expert insights into how understanding mental health can transform business practices, leading to enhanced productivity, a more supportive workplace culture, and overall organizational health.


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